Among experiencing new cultures, browsing through unfamiliar streets, and putting faith in strangers, walking out of your comfort zone is an innate part of travel. For a few, this uncertainty is all part of the adventure. But if you’re traveling with stress, that vacation you’ve recently been dreaming about can switch quickly into a minefield.

Panic anxiety disorders affect practically one in five United states adults. Common conditions include generalized anxiety disorder, anxiety attacks, sociable anxiety, and phobias, among others—and just about all of those can have an adverse impact on someone while on a vacation.

Traveling with anxiety is a different experience for everyone. Some anxious travelers have to white-knuckle their way through every trip; some get nervous in crowded places like subway cars and major traveler attractions. Others can’t stop worrying: “What if I get lost and can’t find my way back to my hotel?” or “Will the food cause me to feel unwell?” or “Did I recall to lock my house once I left?” etc.

Despite the challenges, don’t let anxiety destroy your trip. In this article, there are 5 tips to help you cope with your fears, and enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

  1. Protect Yourself
    Many anxious travelers find that preparing for common problems that may occur on their trips will make them feel more secure. Afraid you will get sick? Purchase travel cover in case of illness or injury, and know the local equivalent of 911 to dial in an emergency. Worried about losing your passport? Maintain backups of your important documents in a secure place, such as a passcode-protected smartphone. Worried you won’t have the ability to talk? Learn a few words in the local language, and download an interpretationapp on your phone.
  2. Program Your Itinerary
    Knowing which neighborhoods are safe to walk in, when your must-see attractions are open, and how to best get around the town can help you feel more confident in a new place. One stipulation: There’s a fine range between a well-planned plan and an over-packed schedule. Feeling like you have to rush from one site to the next can also add to your panic, so leave yourself a little wiggle room.
  3. Pack Smart
    Staying up to pack the evening before your flight is a recipe for stress. Instead, make a packing list several days before departure so you have time to pick up anything at all you might be lacking. Include items that will provide comfort or thoughts when you’re feeling anxious on the road—a story, a playlist of your favorite songs, or a pillowcase that smells like home.
  4. Concentrate on the Positive
    Once you start getting anxious, remind yourself of why you’re taking this trip. Visualize the places you want to see and the journeys you’re excited to have.
  5. Get a “Stress Relief” Tool Kit
    If the anxiety is severe,a therapist can work with you to distinguish your biggest sources of panic and develop effective coping strategies. You can also bring the “Royal Dogs Relaxation Kit” with you on your trip. Visit: for more details.

For travelers scared of flying, Olga Horvat, MA, a certified color therapist, suggests the “Royal Dogs Relaxation Kit”. This is the product of her own experience. If you can’t relax during long airplane, or road trips and you tried different meditative techniques, but they didn’t work for you, don’t get discouraged! Olga Horvat, the creator of “Royal Dogs Relaxation Kit,” can help you to get calm without taking medications, or recreational drugs!

Ms. Horvat tried many “traditional” meditative techniques, but she was not making any progress. She almost gave up on meditation until she had her aha moment. This happened on her trip to Thailand. Ms. Horvat was coloring one of her pictures at the airport and later during her flight. She didn’t notice how time passed by so quickly. Although traveling can be a stressful experience, that day Ms. Horvat was not feeling stressed out at all. When she finally landed in Thailand after an 18-hour flight, she felt relaxed and without any signs of fatigue. This was surprising considering how much time she spent traveling!

At that moment Ms. Horvat made a realization – she was meditating through coloring during her travel. She tuned into a meditative state of mind easily and effortlessly without being aware of it! It was a stunning discovery!

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